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Self care is a divine responsibility, not a luxury.

The ancient cupping is getting a makeover

Face cupping is emerging as one of the most effective massage therapy modalities which is attracting more and more people because of its magical effects. How wonderful to be able to get a chemical free face lift? Facial cupping does not leave marks on your face, it is completely painless and an excellent non-invasive treatment that works wonders in minimizing the effects of environmental damage and aging.


The ancient cupping is getting a makeover

Recently, Phelps brought more popularity to cupping therapy by displaying the treatment telltale round bruises on his back at the Rio Olympic Summer Games. That Phelps went on to win five gold medals there and become the most decorated Olympian in history reinforced what practitioners have been saying all along: cupping works wonders.


But you may not have heard of facial cupping. This ancient Chinese therapy has long been used on the face to treat sinuses, congestion, TMJ, headaches, earaches, and to drain toxins from the skin, however it also has other natural beauty benefits:

  • increases the diffusion and receptivity of skin cell nutrients,

  • eliminates fines lines,

  • softens deeper wrinkles,

  • stimulates growth of healthy collagen and elastin,

  • improves blood/ lymph circulation,

  • hydrates dry skin,

  • balances oily skin,

  • brings blood to flow to the facial muscles and skin, giving it an instant kick of youth.

Massage can cup some years off your face.

Face cupping ttherapy does not take long to show effect; results are seen and felt immediately, and in 5 sessions over a period of five weeks you can see drastic improvement in your skin quality.

Face cupping does not leave any mark. The pressure is light and the cups glide gently instead of sitting attached to the skin. Not only it makes your skin regain its youthful appearance, but you will also be surprised to learn that there is a great feeling of warmth, relaxation and vitality to the face after treatment. ​If you’re looking for a more natural way to improve your skin and look younger without chemicals, surgery or other extreme measures, facial cupping could be exactly what you’re looking for.



40-minute sessions twice per week for eight weeks, charting and documenting face plumping, smaller pores, healthier skin tone, less noticeable scars, less lymphatic congestion, softening of wrinkles, and other visible improvements with photos throughout the treatment with a very special package price:

Promo One-Month Face Cupping Challenge

320 minutes divided into 8/40min sessions twice a week - $200


You heard it - 60% discount.

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