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Lymphatic drainage massage. Should I have one after abdominoplasty?

Getting lymphatic drainage massages after abdominoplasty is fundamental to optimize post-surgery results. They will aid in contouring the recently operated region and to avoid or treat fibrotic formation that might interfere in the recovery and cause complications. Plus, it will reduce fluid retention, alleviating pain, bruises, and general bloating. Have in mind that plastic surgery does not end at the surgery table. Post-surgery maintenance is essential for obtaining successful results.

Bear in mind that lymphatic drainage massage is a therapeutic technique that involves eliminating excessive fluid and toxins from the body by ’‘pumping’’ that excess through the lymphatic system. That can be done manually or with the help of some appliances such as ultrasound or inverted pressure. The manual version is the most recommended for abdominoplasty so the therapist can identify the lumps, swelling, and/or fibrotic formations, and work on these specific areas.

How long after surgery should you start your lymphatic massage sessions.

You should wait for your doctor clearance to start your lymphatic massage sessions and that will vary depending on the recuperation, patient condition, drain or no drain, and doctor protocol. In general, most doctors recommend lymphatic massage after abdominoplasty to start as soon as possible, many times the very next day after surgery but it’s important to always follow your doctor recommendation.

How many lymphatic massage sessions should you have after abdominoplasty?

Again, the number of sessions will vary according to the doctor and the condition of the patient after the surgery. As a general rule a minimum of 10 to 30 sessions of 50 to 60 minutes each.

Who can perform lymphatic massage after abdominoplasty surgery?

Going cheap on lymphatic massage after abdominoplasty is not a good idea. Lymphatic drainage post op is very specific and very different from the other techniques. It’s important to choose a board-certified advanced lymphedema therapist for your post-op maintenance and follow up.


Does it hurt?

The lymphatic drainage after abdominoplasty is performed manually applying long and suave strokes with no pressure, in general it should not be painful, but your body is very sensitive and inflamed after surgery, so it’s natural to feel some discomfort. An experienced therapist will know how to adapt the massage in order to obtain the most comfortable experience. It might not be the most comfortable massage you have ever had but it certainly helps to reduce the overall pain especially in the areas affected by the surgery.


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