Postural Stress Pain

According to The American Posture Institute, naturally aligned human beings have become the minority in our population, a true rarity. In today’s convenient and technologically developed world we seem to be missing the precious link with our own bodies and therefore getting sicker. We are losing the capability of recognizing our wrong postures because they’ve become the new “right”.

Most of us – technologically advanced human beings - are coping with some kind of postural stress. The most common symptom manifests as pain in the upper back, shoulders and neck region. Evolution hasn't prepared our bodies to the bio-mechanical stress of rounding our shoulders and leaning our heads forward while typing and texting for hours. The effects of poor posture are not just affecting adults later in life, rather they are affecting children of young ages as well.

Considering that human head weighs, on average, 12 lbs., any slight angle forward puts a strain on the muscles of your neck and upper back. The further you lean your head forward, and how long you keep that straining posture, determines how much extra work your neck and upper-back need to do. That will result in result in craniofascial pain, headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain, muscle stiffness, and decreased range of motion at the cervical area.